New Alexander Technique Office in Boston

Anna Furman has opened a new office. Please check her out at:

It is a practical method for optimal use of the body improving balance, support and coordination when moving, resting, breathing, learning and organising our awareness and focus of attention.

Beneficial for
Back, neck and joint pain
Muscle tension and stiffness
Breathing and vocal problems
Poor posture
Headaches and migraine

BM 2010

Burning Man was amazing on all levels. Pictures, movies, stories could only tell so much - one simply has to be there to experience everything. It is not recommended for everyone, though - one has to have an open mind as many unusual experiences happen here:

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Fatih Akin

После посмотреного недавно веселого "Soul Kitchen" Fatih Akin(а), проглатил еще несколько его фильмов, которые оказались даже лучше. Особенно понравились: "Edge of Heaven" и " Head On"...